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patientmd's Journal

Voigt, Healer
12 September
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Beauty often seduces us on the road to truth.

(boy wonder healer)


Standing at around six feet, James Voigt has mostly brown, mostly unkempt hair, not unlike a Mr. Robert Sean Leonard. He has brown eyes, and sometimes needs glasses to see with. He has a slightly awkward smile, but he uses it a lot. He has large hands that he likes to keep open and ready, always pulling up his robes and rolling his shirtsleeves up to his elbows. He’s of average build and has learned to roam through the halls of St. Mungo’s with his head held high.


James Mitchell Voigt, born at his home in Kent on 12 September 1941. His father, a half-blood doctor, and his mother, a muggle receptionist, were rather well off and had the best primary education for their son. Jimmy read a lot of books, mostly about medicine, and he found himself strangely nterested in children's diseases. He figured it was better to know what he was up against. Though he lived in a neighborhood with a lot of other children, Jimmy never really went and played, focused on studies and school.

At a young age, Jimmy showed signs of magic, and his father was elated that his son would be going to his old school, Hogwarts. Jimmy was sent away with his bags packed, nervous about what his life would be like now. He'd never really understood what these strange powers he had meant, but he soon became very ready to use them, being sorted into Ravenclaw and excelling in his classes. He didn't have very many friends, and he always found himself doing a lot and not getting too much respect for it. He shrugged it off, deciding that it wasn't important enough to worry over.

After he graduated from school, Jimmy got a few different jobs around, working in muggle doctor's offices and working on getting his Healer's license while doing so. He was going to stay, become a licensed Medical Doctor and maybe even just live a muggle life, but at the last second he was hired by St. Mungo's, as an assistant healer in the Pediatrics wing. He immediately took the job, and worked harder to get his license in order to stay at the Center. He got it, and a year later was the Chief Healer in the Children’s Wing.

Then, one day, after being booted from his favorite room because it was being remodeled, Jimmy found himself eating in the staff lunchroom with a formidable Healer with a cane, Gregor Haus. After that, the two of them got along well, and became close friends for some reason unbeknownst to the both of them. They just sort of clicked. Even though Haus was an arrogant berk.

A few years into his time at St. Mungo’s, on a late shift, the Headmaster from Jimmy’s old school, Professor Dumbledore, came in with an uncommon disease diagnosed by Haus and treated by Voigt. The professor remembered them for their work, and, a complication arose where his school nurse had to go on a leave. Not knowing the reason why, Jimmy took the job with Haus there, Haus being a brilliant Healer and Voigt specializing in Pediatrics.


More content to just work on the sidelines and get everything done, James Voigt isn’t one to brag. Or show off. He’s easy to work with, very genial, and also very patient, which could be one of the reasons why he and Haus get along so well. Equipped with a quick mind, Voigt is always on the go and ready to see new patients, quick to heal them before anything else goes wrong, as often happens with magical children. He treats his patients and then gives them a lollipop before discharging them, always with a smile that they got better. He’s very personal, and won’t hesitate to get to know someone.

However, Jimmy is not always so mild mannered. He does lose his temper sometimes, and it’s not very pretty for the person he’s arguing with. Though, most of the time he just prefers to avoid confrontation and just let whatever the issue is slide, unless it really is something he needs to take part in. His opinions are not easily swayed, and he’ll mostly stare incredulously at someone whom he disagrees with, and then calmly explain why they are wrong, instead of Haus who will make them feel like they are an idiot repeatedly. He prefers to be mellow, but can still be a smart-ass when he feels like it, mostly to Haus.

It’s obvious that he doesn’t have much luck with women. Jimmy gets into relationships easily enough, but most of the time they just don’t work out. It isn’t that he doesn’t try, though. He finds out that they’ve had an affair, or they just leave, or he finds a problem with it. He doesn’t have bad luck, he just hasn’t found the right one yet. And at this point, he’s about ready to give up and just find something better to do. Like a puzzle. Or cure a disease.

When it comes to his work, Jimmy is very focused. He always wants to do his job right, perfectly, without distraction or something that will make his process difficult. He tends to work away from other Healers, in a concentrated environment where he actually think. He’s efficient, and even with smaller healing tasks, he will make sure the job is done and done right.

Jimmy likes playing cards in-between seeing patients, especially poker. He likes reading, most likely spotted with his feet up on his desk reading the paper, or a Quidditch journal, or even a novel. He’s not picky. He’s picked up many quirky habits through his years, and has a tendency to wash his hands. A LOT.