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Look at that. Summer's over.

If anymore students wander into the infirmary complaining of "ferocious papercuts", you all can go right ahead and ask Haus for assistance. He'll be glad to help, I'm sure.

(And for the record, papercuts heal quicker if you just let them be, rather than forcing me to mend them while you skive off class.)

- Voigt.
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It's sort of odd.

The Infirmary is not infected; there is no reason not to visit if you are feeling ill/have broken body parts/need drugs.

That being said, I suppose I can understand why one wouldn't go when needed. Haus does tend to become violent around children. Luckily, he doesn't actually treat any patients. That would be my job, and for those that don't already know it, my name is Voigt.

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